Community Engagement and Social Resilience Framework

In partnership with Rebuild by Design and Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore, we are developing a framework to support local engagement processes and track its success towards building social resilience and preparedness to cope with the impacts of climate change at the neighborhood level.

Participatory Research Assessments

We are collaborating with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the Center for Court Innovation to create a participatory research framework that will allow the program staff and their community partners to draw insights from their public space projects that would support their case for continued public funding. Our impact analysis approach trains their community managers to train residents and youth in data collection and analysis.

Public Space Evaluation in the Bronx

In partnership with Bronx Documentary Center (BDC), we are creating an evaluation framework to evaluate an ambitious public space project documenting the stories of residents in Claremont Village in the Bronx. We will provide training, tools, analysis, and insights so that BDC can change policy that would enliven the public spaces around Claremont Houses to enrich the lives of residents through documentary arts and placemaking.

Information Architecture/Toolkit Development

We are working with NUMO, a global alliance that channels tech-based disruptions in urban transport to create joyful cities where sustainable and just mobility is the new normal, to create a toolkit to support pilot project implementation of new mobility in cities. The toolkit will be a long-lasting resource for NUMO’s proof-of-concepts into the future.