Make Public LLC is a purpose-driven venture. We connect social impacts to systemic change in policy, programs, and design practice through assessments of the public realm for equitable and sustainable outcomes. What gets measured gets changed. Social impact measurements can focus and advance the work as well as hold decision-makers accountable. We work closely with our partners to prioritize values and demonstrate how they can be reflected in their public realm projects alongside economic and environmental concerns. We create resources, facilitate trainings, and develop tools for measurement to highlight those values. We support and ally with local leaders to build capacity within. Evidence in hand, we strategize with partners to transform design and the public realm while centering people.

Do you want to track progress toward equity? Do you need to focus on what matters, establish the right goals, and measure progress toward those goals? We can help.

07/10/20: See our response to Black Lives Matter movement under our NEWS section below.